Peer Budhan Ali Shah (Jammu)

Chiragha Dargah Peer Budhan Ali Shah
To light incense sticks, lobaan and chiragh for the benefit of the visitors is a worthy deed. The action of doing good deeds for others is also a means of Sadqa. We know the holy rituals as we have a dedicated team of aqeedatmands on all holy shrines across India, so let Online Ziarat perform Chiragha on your behalf and let its spiritual light illuminate your heart and your spirit.
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Chadar Poshi and Tabarruq. Once the chadarposhi is done on the respective “Dargah” , Tabarruq is provided to the Devotee at their door step. Tabarruq Includes :-
  1. Packet Sugar Balls  ,
  2. Dry Rose Petals .
  3. Sacred Dhaga (Kalava) from Dargah,
  4. Complimentary CD of Qawwali’s
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